The Aviator H-1 Racer made its first flight in the California desert at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed on November 4, 2003.  With the sun beginning to set and fingers crossed, the plane took off, made several circuits, cycled the landing gear, and landed flawlessly. Piloted by Jason Somes, who is also a FAA licensed pilot, the hugely successful flight test proved many of the teams innovative systems and now the Hughes H-1 Racer was ready for the film cameras.  On November 17, 2003 the H-1 made its film debut by flying for the cameras at Mystery Mesa in Santa Clarita, California.  The Aero Telemetry team arrived at Mystery Mesa at 4am and prepared for the long day. The Hughes Racer made two successful flights that day.  Academy Award winning visual effects director, Rob Legato filmed the amazing flight sequences. The film sequences of Joe Bok's H-1 Racer were so amazing that they made it untouched into the national television ad campaign and the big-screen movie trailers used to promote the Academy Award winning film, The Aviator. No higher compliment could have been paid to the Aero Telemetry team.

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